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Gateway data logger

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Gateway data logger

LOVATO Electric is introducing its own solution for access to cloud-based energy monitoring platforms, first and foremost its SYNERGY platform.

This new product is the EXC GL A01, a gateway data logger conceived and developed by LOVATO Electric.

The EXC GL A01 is a plug and play solution which recognises LOVATO Electric devices installed in the field, gathers and saves data from them, and encodes and transmits this data to the energy control and management system at regular intervals.
This makes it possible to analyse system performance in a clear, continuous manner, thus facilitating upgrades for increasing efficiency and optimising use of energy, as well as providing information for preventive maintenance.

The energy monitoring parameters are measured by the devices in the field, for instance, LOVATO Electric DME energy meters and DMG multimeters.

The resulting values are sent via the RS485 serial port or Ethernet 10/100Mbps Modbus port to the EXC GL A01 gateway data logger.

The new product is extremely easy to use, since it is supplied preconfigured; as soon as it is installed and powered on, it automatically detects any connected LOVATO Electric devices and environmental sensors, and starts logging the data for any type of energy vector, whether water, air, gas or steam.

The data are thus logged in the gateway data logger, after which they are sent to the monitoring system via the Ethernet port or the 3G code EXC GL AX1 modem module, which installs directly to the EXC GL A01.

The new EXC GL A01 thus does away with the risk of data loss due to an unstable internet connection between the field and the monitoring system.
The security of the data transmitted via internet is guaranteed by the option of using the https protocol. Furthermore, the data is immediately available, and can be displayed and exported in the CSV format by the gateway data logger thanks to its integrated web server.

The user can thus access the graphic reporting pages (histogram or line charts) without the need to install any specialist software, using any web browser.

The unit's automatic export function archives the data to an external server via ftp, or to the LOVATO Electric SYNERGY Cloud. The SYNERGY software is an energy monitoring system born from LOVATO Electric's experience in four distinct, synergistic areas: hardware devices, monitoring software, technical service and training.

The LOVATO Electric SYNERGY service makes it possible to process the data gathered and logged by the EXC GL A01 gateway data logger and output pages, datalogs, reports and alarms which may be customised to the user's needs and viewed in a normal web browser.
This provides the user with the key indicators for his system, along with anomalous consumption alarms and a full range of information about the system's energy performance.

The new EXC GL A01 gateway data logger is extremely compact, and designed for installation on DIN rails. It is designed for industrial environments, with an operating temperature range of -20 - +60°C, and is compliant with IEC61000-2 and IEC61000-4.

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